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I am happily married to Bryan. Yes, we have rhyming names. We have a sock eating dog named Daisy, a non-stop talker named Mary Paul, and a ball of energy named Ellie Jane. Life is wonderful.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Please Pray

Please pray for our dear friends, the Tuleys. Bryan and Jeff were in each others' weddings. They are sweet family going through a difficult time. Thank you all.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Big Christmas Post

We had a wonderful Christmas!!! We were gone for two weeks. We had our family Christmas the Monday before the 25th. As requested, Mary Paul received a globe and some mittens along with a train table. Bryan loved his XBOX 360. We left the next day for Atlanta. We had wonderful time with Bryan's family and got to spend Tuesday through Friday with them. We drove home Friday afternoon, washed clothes, repacked and left Saturday morning for West Virginia. It was a long 10 hour drive but worth it for the family time we got o have with my family. Bryan got to snowboard every day and had a blast. He also got to spend a lot of time with fellow snowboarders Andi and John. Mary Paul had fun playing with her cousins. I, unfortunately couldn't do many outdoor winter activities, being 30 weeks pregnant, but my sisters and mom took good care of me and played a lot of board games. Those of you who know me, know I love games. We loved the snow, but Mary Paul hated the cold wind. I think she prefers the beach to the snowy mountains. Enjoy the monster post of pictures, but hey it was a two week Christmas.

So, believe it or not, this was not posed. Mary Paul loved this snowman and carried him around the house.
The requested globe. She loves it. She likes to spin it and ask, "Where does ____ live?"

Mary Paul loved playing with Claire. An besides Brian and Beth, Claire really only loved playing with Mary Paul

This looks like she's saying, "Gag me with a spoon." I just caught her mid move though.

Mary Paul and my other big kid had so much fun playing in the snow together.