About Me

I am happily married to Bryan. Yes, we have rhyming names. We have a sock eating dog named Daisy, a non-stop talker named Mary Paul, and a ball of energy named Ellie Jane. Life is wonderful.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hanging Around

This past weekend the weather was beautiful. On Saturday Bryan, Mary Paul, Daisy and I went out to the big field behind the church up the street. I really like the pictures of Bryan with Mary Paul. As you can see, Daisy is feeling much better...despite the fact that tonight she actually pulled a loose sock off of Mary Paul's foot and ate it. In other news, a stomach bug has hit our home, at least it has hit Bryan and Mary Paul. I, as usual, do not get sick and therefore must take care of all the invalids. It has not been pretty. Mary Paul is on the mend while Bryan is just beginning. Here's hoping it doesn't last too long.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Eight Things About My Kid

Okay, so Courtney tagged us...here are eight things about Mary Paul.

1) My first word was not Dada, or Mama...it was Daisy.
2) I love to wrestle with my mama and daddy. I scream and head dive into them.
3) Sometimes, when I wake up from a really good sleep...my hair is a cross between Donald Trump and Albert Einstein.

4) When not walking, I love to sit down and get up. I will sit on Mama's legs, the floor, a small chair, or as you can see, a ball.

5) I am a good eater. I will eat anything, and I love, love, love milk. I drink a gallon a week all by myself.

6) I can squat for hours.

7) I love, love, love my baths.

8) I love books. They are my favorite toys. I also love to read to anyone who will listen.
Now I tag Landon and Addi, Nina and Ethan, and Taylor.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Huge Christmas Post!!!

Wow!!! We had such a busy holiday. Mary Paul and I slept in three different houses in one week. Plus, our dog, yes...Daisy the Wonder Dog, had to have emergency surgery because a sock that she ate got stuck in her stomach. We started our Christmas the Saturday night before Christmas. My mom was able to come up and join us. Daisy had her surgery at 2:30 am Sunday morning...so we were very tired when we got to church. Mary Paul and I then went to Atlanta with my mom who was kind enough to drop us off at my in-laws. Bryan and a very pitiful, 30 staples in her stomach, Daisy joined us on Monday. We had a great time seeing everyone. Aunt Beth and Uncle Brian made a delicious Christmas Eve dinner and then we all got together again on Christmas day. It was wonderful to see the whole family!!! Bryan headed back home with Daisy and I stayed in Atlanta with my mom before we left for Knoxville to have Christmas with my family. That was a crazy, fun, busy time. I wished I had taken more pictures. With 7 adults, 6 cars, 5 children, 4 bedrooms, 3 dogs, 2 1/2 baths and a partridge in a pair tree...it was a wonderful time.