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I am happily married to Bryan. Yes, we have rhyming names. We have a sock eating dog named Daisy, a non-stop talker named Mary Paul, and a ball of energy named Ellie Jane. Life is wonderful.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Can You Guess Her Favorite Verse?

We've been busy at the Thornton home. We spent several days in Atlanta with my family during the passing of my GG. During that time, Bryan was out of town so Mary Paul, Daisy and I were solo. Since we've been back, it's not been too crazy, but very hot!!! These are just some pictures of Mary Paul in our first tent. She had a blast reading underneath it. Daddy even squeezed in to share some special moments. Just a note to any other tent makers...don't use a duvet cover...they're heavy.
This video was taken just after Mary Paul did a perfect rendition of "If You're Happy and You Know It" with me. So I thought I'd get it on film. She is distracted by her book, which she realizes has been signed by the author. I am wondering if you can guess which verse is her favorite. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Third Look At A Weekend

Well, both my sisters posted about the same weekend. It's interesting all the different pictures we have of the same events. Ashley and the little kids came over for a few days. We went to the science museum and decorated cookies. Landon loved decorating the cookies and asked continually if he could eat a cookie. Addi was so much fun at the science museum...I think she had the most fun out of all three of the kids. We all had a blast at Samantha and Dave's house. We loved spending time with G-mama and getting to see how big Kaori has gotten. I've tried to group the pictures. There are a lot of pictures

I think we should all be a little envious of the lashes on the wonderful children.

Off to Aunt Samatha and Uncle Dave's house. Mary Paul loved the pool as did Landon.

Some pictures of Samantha, Dave and Kaori. She is so sweet and such a happy baby. Dave and Samantha are wonderful parents.

All the kids (and the adults) love the swing. It goes super high and Bryan is by far the best swing pusher....I'm so proud.